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I’ve been looking for a job for a while and used several resume services including and a retired HR professional, however, they never asked what did I do in the past and the resume delivered looks just like any resume template you found online.


I noticed Heather’s post on and contacted her, she spent an hour to check what exactly did I do for each position, what I have learned, and rewrite my resume word by word! This time my resume looks totally different and very professionally put-together. Heather stepped away for 2 minutes due to an unexpected visitor but made up the time immediately by providing me more input and advice. She’s very responsible and knows what she’s doing. She even offered another round of revision after my input. Highly recommended! She will be my go-to person in the future for all my career and job hunting service. If you need help, you should reach out to her too.

Bridget / Marketing Analyst / Service: Resume for Professional

The resume is beautifully written and “wowed” me when I sat it. Huge improvement compared to my original one! I’m just an entry-level candidate with less than 1-year experience but our initial phone call lasted exactly one hour. Heather asked what did I do, what I learned, what accomplishment I have made. I realized immediately all the resume service I used before were nonsense-grammar and vocabulary editing is not game changing at all. She’s very professional and efficient and can use precise and professional language to tell my story using the most basic description. The impression I got is “Wow, that really rocks!”

Anna / Accountant /Service: Resume for Student & Mock Interview One Round

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