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FAQ for Job Seekers

Q: Heather, why should I choose you to help me with my job search?


A:  I don’t know you, but I’m guessing you are browsing this website because one (or more) of the following apply to you:

  • You are a student with little experience who wants to start your career through an internship, but unfortunately nobody is taking you seriously.

  • You graduated a while ago but you are still in the job market and don’t know what’s wrong with your resume or interview skills.

  • Your first language is not English and your language skills have prevented you from pursuing career opportunities.

  • You are a foreigner who just realized how difficult it is to find a sponsorship to work legally in the United States, and how many employers will screen you out just because you need a work authorization.

  • You have a career gap due to family reasons, and you wonder how you will be able to re-enter to the workforce.

  • Your dream company has ignored or rejected you.

  • You hate your current job/boss/coworker/commute/horrible benefits but feel you are stuck where you are.

  • You don’t know much about compensation but your instinct tells you that you were low-balled when you accepted your current job, and as time has gone by your salary barely covers basic living expenses.

  • You never speak in a group meeting or networking session; your boss never notices you are there.

  • Everyone says great things about Linkedin, but you haven’t caught the attention of any recruiters.

  • You realize your current job does not make you happy, but don’t know what choices you have.

  • You wish you had someone to talk to about recruiting, compensation, benefits, offer negotiation, presentation skills, performance discussion and promotion requests.

If at least one of the above applies to you, then you are in the right place, because I’m looking for you and I’m ready to help.

I have experienced all of the above myself, and in each case, I have overcome the problem with my unique job hunting solution.  It worked for me every time, and I’m sure it will work for you, too.

Let me help you get unstuck.


Q: What is the difference between your service and others?

A:  Resume

There are tons of career coaches out there.  Groupon always has a $99 resume service, and there are even cheaper ones on Craigslist. Then why me? What makes me better than a $99 resume online robot, or the career coaches who seem to have been working in that industry their whole lives?  (By the way, my current title is HR professional — not career coach).

Here’s what sets me apart:

Most resume services only check your grammar and formatting. That’s a not-bad resume, but it’s not even close to an outstanding resume.

I will spend at least an hour going through all your experience, identifying your key strengths and best accomplishments, and prioritizing your projects per the recruiters’ preferences.  Your resume will stand out immediately regardless of your industry.



I wasn’t born as a perfect interviewee.  English is not my first language. I’m an immigrant who required sponsorship, and I happened to choose a college major that was not sought-after internationally.  I submitted over 200 resumes, failed 50 phone interviews and 10 on-site interviews, and only got 2 offers in one year. I changed employers 11 times before turning 25.  I had more than two career gaps.  I had a boss whom I truly hated, who ended up getting fired.  I had to work in a city that was neither international- nor female-friendly.  I doubted my career choice and was emotionally depressed. Believe me, I’ve been there and I can totally feel your pain.  Thankfully, I learned how to correct the most common interview beginner’s mistakes.

Now, I work in a city I like, in an organization I love. I  have nice coworkers and a lovely boss, enjoy amazing compensation and benefits, and have a bright career ahead of me.  I achieved all this by myself, without networking, groveling or BS, just by following my unique job hunting solution.

Let me help get you out of there, and make you as happy as I am now.


      Offer negotiation


I worked in the compensation and benefits field for more than ten years, interacting with recruiters and HR consulting companies on a daily basis.  With my access to all industry salary information globally and my understanding of market pay ranges, I will help you avoid the typical employer low-balling that can happen when you are offered a position.

Remember, there’s always something to negotiate. I helped a friend increase her salary from $60,000 to $90,000 and then to $135,000 within two years.  Let me do your homework and save you years of effort.  Even a five percent increase will put you ahead of your colleagues by at least one year!


     Career Planning/Transition


No direction is the right direction if you don't know where to go. I don't believe "love what you do", or "do what your love" can solve all our career struggles. We live in a time that everything happens so fast that almost all the jobs we have today will be gone in next 20 years, what shall we do then? It's critical to understand the industry trend and ensure you are sitting on the right boat. I know better than anyone else where to find your dream job with a decent 6 figure salary, and keep you up to speed if you have a career gap.


Q: What if you haven’t worked in my industry or profession?

A:  I’m a career coach with an unusually wide industry exposure, including manufacturing, IT, finance, non-profit, government and consulting (and the list is still expanding). I have worked for employers ranging in size from 30 to 100,000 employees.


I have noticed that – regardless of where I have worked — the outstanding resumes that I, or the hiring manager, or the recruiters have picked have certain qualities in common.  I have also learned that good interviewers can succeed in any industry or position.  It doesn’t matter if I don’t know much about aerospace, as long as I can help you get your resume noticed by the top aerospace companies and can help you get a job with them.


Q: Do you have client testimonials?

A: Yes! Please click here. I have helped clients with resumes, interviewing, general counseling, salary review, offer negotiation, career change, and graduate school applications.


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