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Total Rewards-Compensation/Benefits


I served as executive and consultant for 14 years helping organizations from fortune 500s, international financial organizations, non-profit, to consulting firms to design, administrate, and improve their current total rewards practice, and have successfully saved them millions of dollars by implementing customized reward solutions globally. Schedule a complimentary consultation to become one of them.


Global Mobility


The Ready-to-use global mobility calculator designed, improved and implemented by mobility executive and practitioners to help you to better understand and save your labor cost at your fingertip.


Career Planning


As the Lead Career Path designer, I helped several organizations to build job architecture with salary ranges internationally to better attract, retain and motivate employees, and help organizations with better strategic workforce development and succession planning.




I have helped 500+ individuals to better branding and presenting themselves for better study/employment opportunities in North America and China. My clients have accepted offers from Google, Pepsi, Deloitte, PwC, SalesForce, Liberty Mutual, AIIB, United Nations, Lam Research, and the list keeps growing.

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